Stream Series In SORC Islands

The Stream Series will be held in SORC islands, the 2017-18 version to start off soon.

There has been a Notice of Series announced for the winters as well, which would be tropical and warm water races. The current season would start from South Beach. It would be the Nassau Cup Race that is being hosted by Coral Reef Yacht Club and others as well as managed by SORC. It would start on Thursday, 9th November of this year. There would be match racing as well as festivities in the post race period organized by the Nassau Yacht Club.

The races in December would be the Wirth Munroe Invitational, Palm Beach race, which would be hosted by several clubs like Biscayne Bay Yacht clubs and others, SORC managing the event overall. This race would include a course starting from Miami and ending at Palm Beach. This race, as always, would be held on the first weekend of December and would include buffet dinner at the Sailfish club. (more…)

Edwards’ Yacht Maiden To Be Restored

Tracy Edwards’ is also known as the sailing heroine, yacht Maiden is to be restored.

She was found languishing. She was found in Seychelles marina 27 years, after leading the crew of first all-woman Round the World. The trip happened in 1990 on her Whitbread Round. She was found suffering by her former skipper; she was abandoned at a marina in the Indian Ocean on an island two years back.

Miss Edwards is now 58, she get on an ambitious fundraising campaign – the objective of which is believed to meet a single donor to salvage Maiden and take her back to the Britain so that, she can be restored, 27 years on.

This mission got the support from a number big personalities like Duran Duran singer, Virgin Media boss, Simon Le Bon, Richard Branson and many others. (more…)

Vision Of World Cup Series 2017

With the World Cup Series having started in Miami and ended by January 29th, it is simply the beginning of several regattas that would be held through the year, with Biograd next on the list. The main aim of the series is to help sailors prepare for the kind of competition they will face at Olympic levels.

Hence, no matter what category of sailing event one participates in, there are several events designed in this series to help expose sailors to the structure as well as quality of competition they would face at the pinnacle of all international regatta events.

The vision of this series has been fine tuned for this year. The overall goal is to match the experience that sailors get at the Olympics. Changes were found from the first leg itself, where events offered different opportunities and helped elevate different aspects of the events. (more…)

List Of Wildwind Sailing Anniversary Celebration

In 2017, Wildwind Sailing is completing its 30 years and people associated with it have big plans to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Wildwind Sailing Holiday.

The celebration of 30th anniversary will take place in Vassiliki, Greek island of Lefkas. A team of Wildwind has plans to celebrate every week of the anniversary and they will be doing so with some old and new guests. Moreover, the team has announced a 26th June to 2nd July as a week of official anniversary celebration. The celebration will take place alongside the festival Vassiliki.

The 30th anniversary celebration will involve live music that will be off the water and will be a live music from the David Bowie band. In addition to that there will be racing also that will be in three classes. (more…)

Southampton Boat Show To Exhibit Ultra National 18

The Southampton Boat Show will be conducted from the 16th September to 25th September by the National 18 Class Association. The main attraction of the boat show will be the all new National 18 known as an Ultra. This boat is designed by Phil Morrison.

There has been a lot of changes and development that the National18 class has undergone over the past two years. The boat was in the wilderment for two years and now is ready to test the race waters. Two full seasons of testing and developments reveal that the boat is ready to meet the requirements and the expectations of the Class members. (more…)

Medal Race Sailing World Cup

The medal race was held on the fourth day of the Sailing World Cup in Qingdao in China.

On this day the top ten were confirmed for the seven fleets that participated. The hunt for the medals in the World Cup was on and one gold position was confirmed as the other points and their positions opened up. Progression and learning was the main highlight of the day on the final racing day here.

In the Laser Men category Croatia again had a good day as they took on the third place. This helped this team move up 11 points to reach the top of the fleet. This definitely helps them come to a favorable position in the Medal Race. Stipanovic of Croatia had the nearest rival as the Great Britain team who has been the winner of the previous year’s world cup. The Briton also felt that the going was not easy on the waters. The tide was definitely all over, but the downwind that they had helped them to keep up their position. (more…)

America’s World Cup Series

There had been an inaugural event that had been held at Portsmouth, heralding the beginning of the America’s Cup World Series. Being sponsored by Louis Vuitton it is called the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series.

The show that was held last year proved to be a big hit as it attracted spectators from around the region. The show that had been spectacular will be staged again and it happened on July 21st. There were the best sailors of the world showcasing their high tech sailing accessories and boats. It was held at Portsmouth in Hampshire, England. (more…)

Kiwi women sailors jumps on self funded campaign

Two sailors from New Zealand would go to other nations on self sponsored campaigns in order to get in the selection process in the Olympic team in what is anticipated to be the last round of announcements.

In spite of having qualified New Zealand in the 1st round of 2015 Olympic qualification at the ISAF World Championships in Spain, they were not listed in the 1st round of nominations by the New Zealand Olympic Committee on Monday. (more…)

164 foot yacht is ready to roam in a luxurious way

Ready to ply the waters with style, McMullen & Wing’s 164-foot Y/N 1016 expedition yacht is now sailing through its water trials.

The commissioned boat is the largest yacht made to date by New Zealand boatbuilder as well as the 2nd in the company’s Diamond series—made by Gregory C. Marshall Naval Architect—that debuted with award winning, 147-foot long yacht Big Fish in the year 2010. The latter has already logged more than 100000 nautical miles (that includes voyages to Antarctica), McMullen & Wing’s newest wonder is sure to stand out at global exploration.
It is still carrying the name of its shipyard number – Y/N 1016 divides opulent interiors across 3 decks. An extra two levels, the sundeck as well as crow’s nest, are consecrated to outdoor pursuits. It has accommodations for up to twelve passengers include four guest cabins, a multi-use cabin which could be converted easily for entertaining, and the suite of the owner (sequestered on the bridge deck) along with its own private outdoor lounge place. An aft cockpit (which is ideal for sunbathing and fishing) flows into the astern deck that is placed close to the water for comfortable recreational access.


Maine yacht wins well known Australian sailing race

A Maine-made boat has won an honored sailing race from Sydney, mainland Australia, to Hobart, the capital of the Aussie state of Tasmania, and back. The hundred foot Comanche is owned by Jim Clark, billionaire from Texas, who is also the co-founder of Netscape, along with his wife, Kristi. It ended the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race earlier on Monday in 2 days, 8 hours, 58 minutes and thirty seconds.

Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race