Tower shaped yacht has 8 decks

Designed like a tower, a concept vessel that measures more than 60 meters in height and 162 feet in length, and has more than 3500 square meters of grand interior space for invitees, is now making the headlines. Aptly called Star, this private yacht carries a central cluster of 4 lifts that offer access through 8 decks.

With plenty space for sub-marine viewing deck and viewing platform at the top and a helipad, the yacht was made for thirty six overnight invitees but can hold more than two hundred people for parties as well as other events.

The yacht would carry a maximum speed of 18 knots as well as a range of five thousand nautical miles at fourteen knots, and it would have the potentiality of revolving within its own length. The advanced superyacht was Lobanov Design and BMT Nigel Gee’s brainchild, and it started as a rough pencil design on a napkin when he was on a yacht charter holiday in Scotland.

Igor Lobanov, the designer, stated that the primary idea was suggested by Alex Malybaev of FIRMA branding agency after the couple came to the ratiocination that all yachts look the similar to people outside marine industry.

According to reports, he stated that it appears that modern architecture, car design and product design have no charm on yachts. Malybaev wrote the idea on a napkin and asked her if a yacht might be like that. He looked at the sketch and set to work. The whole idea was very great that he wanted to prove it might become a yacht.

Lobanov joined forces with the BMT Nigel Gee for naval architecture and to evaluate technical feasibleness, and the result was a highly unusual design for a vessel which might be used as a billionaire’s an exclusive floating hotel or at-sea playground.