America’s World Cup Series

There had been an inaugural event that had been held at Portsmouth, heralding the beginning of the America’s Cup World Series. Being sponsored by Louis Vuitton it is called the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series.

The show that was held last year proved to be a big hit as it attracted spectators from around the region. The show that had been spectacular will be staged again and it happened on July 21st. There were the best sailors of the world showcasing their high tech sailing accessories and boats. It was held at Portsmouth in Hampshire, England.

For those who are gearing up to follow the events of this tournament they need to know that there would be a total of six teams in the international category that would be competing. Every team comprises of elite and experienced sailors. They would be using sailing boats that are AC45 catamaran models. These are made of carbon fiber and are known to be high speed vessels. The circuit of the races would be around the world as laid out in 2015. The racing circuit would be completed in Bermuda in 2017.

The segment that has been recently inaugurated is being held at Portsmouth. This series will run from July 21st to 24th. The main races have been in the weekend, finishing in 24th. There had been air displays from Red Arrow, Red Bull Matadors and Blades during the days of the races.

The first day of the race was committed for the local schools and media while the second day was considered to be a practice day for the sailors, with the guys from Barceboat Yacht Charter Scotland turning up and winning in a First 40. Those who are looking to follow this World Series tournament have several options. They can log onto the dedicated website formed as well as get live coverage from BT Sport as has been streamed for television.