Stream Series In SORC Islands

The Stream Series will be held in SORC islands, the 2017-18 version to start off soon.

There has been a Notice of Series announced for the winters as well, which would be tropical and warm water races. The current season would start from South Beach. It would be the Nassau Cup Race that is being hosted by Coral Reef Yacht Club and others as well as managed by SORC. It would start on Thursday, 9th November of this year. There would be match racing as well as festivities in the post race period organized by the Nassau Yacht Club.

The races in December would be the Wirth Munroe Invitational, Palm Beach race, which would be hosted by several clubs like Biscayne Bay Yacht clubs and others, SORC managing the event overall. This race would include a course starting from Miami and ending at Palm Beach. This race, as always, would be held on the first weekend of December and would include buffet dinner at the Sailfish club. (more…)

Edwards’ Yacht Maiden To Be Restored

Tracy Edwards’ is also known as the sailing heroine, yacht Maiden is to be restored.

She was found languishing. She was found in Seychelles marina 27 years, after leading the crew of first all-woman Round the World. The trip happened in 1990 on her Whitbread Round. She was found suffering by her former skipper; she was abandoned at a marina in the Indian Ocean on an island two years back.

Miss Edwards is now 58, she get on an ambitious fundraising campaign – the objective of which is believed to meet a single donor to salvage Maiden and take her back to the Britain so that, she can be restored, 27 years on.

This mission got the support from a number big personalities like Duran Duran singer, Virgin Media boss, Simon Le Bon, Richard Branson and many others. (more…)

List Of Wildwind Sailing Anniversary Celebration

In 2017, Wildwind Sailing is completing its 30 years and people associated with it have big plans to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Wildwind Sailing Holiday.

The celebration of 30th anniversary will take place in Vassiliki, Greek island of Lefkas. A team of Wildwind has plans to celebrate every week of the anniversary and they will be doing so with some old and new guests. Moreover, the team has announced a 26th June to 2nd July as a week of official anniversary celebration. The celebration will take place alongside the festival Vassiliki.

The 30th anniversary celebration will involve live music that will be off the water and will be a live music from the David Bowie band. In addition to that there will be racing also that will be in three classes. (more…)

Fire crews meet on Auckland marina as fire engulfs yacht

Police might just stand back and look as fire destroyed a ten meter yacht south of Auckland yesterday. Fire crews from Papakura, Manurewa as well as the local Clevedon voluntary brigade were asked to be in the blaze at Wairoa River, near Clevedon – about thirty minutes from downtown Auckland – approximately at around 11.30 am.

Tony Smith, a local resident, was riding towards the region when he saw a huge smoke plume billowing from water. He told that he was amazed at how big the fire was – it was really going. It was well ablaze when he reached the spot and it might have been going for about half an hour before they got it out.

Very quickly, it was established that no one was on board and the police who came on the scene could just stand back. Mr Smith told that the firefighters, who were armed with a huge hose, stood on another vessel and attempted to doused the blaze as best they might. (more…)

Elaine Westwood Receives RYA Lifetime Award

Elaine Westwood was given the Lifetime achievement award by Royal Yachting Association on Friday, 21st November.

Westwood is a member of Chelmarsh Sailing Club. The award was given to 47 British Sailors and Westwood is one of them. The award ceremony took place in Westminster and the award was given on the basis of Commitment to the sport of sailing. Princess Royal, the president of Royal Yachting Association gave a medal and a certificate to Westwood.

Westwood said that when she got the letter that said that she has won the award, she thought that the letter might have reached her by mistake and therefore she checked the name on the envelope. After she realized that she really has won the award, she was ecstatic. She said that the sport has given her a lot. She also said that her best holiday experience was sailing in Greece. She said that people of any age group can participate in this sport. Westwood promoted the sport among the locals and this was crucial for the success of the Sailing Club.

Westwood joined the Club in the year 1986 and she supported both the Social activities and the shore activities of the club. She also does many things for the club. She administers entries, collects fees and records them; she also compiles and publishes race results etc.

The Sport Development Officer of Royal Yachting Association, Mr. Duncan Trusswell has said that there is a huge number of volunteers who are committed to the sport of sailing and its Volunteer Awards are only meant to celebrate that. Mr. Trusswell considers the Volunteers to be essential for the sport. He said that it is for them that many clubs and events manage to keep on going.

Chelmarsh Sailing Club was founded in the year 1965. The Olympic Games Legacy Fund was granted to the Sailing Club in 2012.