Edwards’ Yacht Maiden To Be Restored

Tracy Edwards’ is also known as the sailing heroine, yacht Maiden is to be restored.

She was found languishing. She was found in Seychelles marina 27 years, after leading the crew of first all-woman Round the World. The trip happened in 1990 on her Whitbread Round. She was found suffering by her former skipper; she was abandoned at a marina in the Indian Ocean on an island two years back.

Miss Edwards is now 58, she get on an ambitious fundraising campaign – the objective of which is believed to meet a single donor to salvage Maiden and take her back to the Britain so that, she can be restored, 27 years on.

This mission got the support from a number big personalities like Duran Duran singer, Virgin Media boss, Simon Le Bon, Richard Branson and many others.

In the process the fund of nearly £50,000, was raised and currently Maiden is getting a comfortable ride on a container ship, which is travelling from Seychelles. Maiden is all set to reach at Southampton very soon.

On her arrival, she will be welcomed and greeted by Miss Edwards and crew member who has been reunited recently. From here she will be transported to Hamble Marina. Here the restoration of Maiden will take place that will continue for years at a cost of thousands of pounds.

As said earlier, the fund was supposed to be raised only from one donor for the restoration, then, according to these believes same thing has been done. Talking about the identity of that donor, it is expected that it will be revealed in when Maiden will reach Southampton.

If everything goes as per the plan, then it is expected that this 48-year-old vessel will be seen again in the sea by June 2018.